Saturday, 6 February 2016

Syria Day at Llandudno Junction Mosque

I've had an excellent day at the Llandudno Mosque.  A warm welcome and lavish hospitality.  Excellent presentations fron the Syria Relief  who are still managing to support 43 Syrian Schools educating 12,000 children and 5 hospitals in Aleppo because they are using Syrian teachers and doctors on the ground.

It was a shame to discover the last CYTUN link they could remember was with Nick Sissons about 8 years ago.  This is surely a time when Christians and Muslims ought to be listening to each other and understanding each other's experiences.

With the current concerns we have about those going hungry in this country, it was also a matter of regret that I could offer a contact who would take the vat of tasty chicken biryani left at the end of the function.

There are challenges here for us all.

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